ICON Studentships announced

Congratulations to the researchers (listed in alphabetical order) below:


Project Title

Lead Researcher

Lead Institution

Graphene Hall-effect nanosensors to optimise high current superconducting tapes for applications in 'smart' power grids

Simon Bending

University of Bath

Development of Liquid Infused Surfaces as Novel Antifouling Materials for Mineral Scale Prevention

Thibaut Charpentier

University of Leeds

Additive manufacturing of millimetre wave wireless sensors based on nanoparticle inks for pervasive IoT sensing and 5G communications.

Apostolos Georgiadis

Heriot Watt University

Development of a nano-structure deposition process to integrate energy harvesting materials and heat management systems into single-piece, hot, structural elements such as exhaust/fluid manifolds

Nigel Jennett

Coventry University

Stronger, lighter, safer, materials by length scale engineering and a next-generation, nano-particle-free, 3D additive manufacturing process

Nigel Jennett

Coventry University

Structural Health Monitoring with Graphene-Silicone Strain Sensors

Alain Nogaret

University of Bath

Preparation and characterisation of a rechargeable energy efficient battery based on poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) and aluminium in an ionic liquid electrolyte

Carlos Ponce de Leon

University of Southampton

Assessing the potential risks of 2D nanomaterials in the environment 

Alexandra Porter

Imperial College London

Scalable manufacturing of few-layer van der Waals materials from bulk

Hayden Taylor

UC Berkeley


We look forward to welcoming our new researchers and Lloyd's Register Foundation Doctoral Students to the ICON network.