ICON studentships announced

Congratulations to the researchers (listed in alphabetical order) below:

Project Title

Lead Researcher

Lead Institution

Reconfigurable nanowires phononics for temperature sensing

Kristel Fobelets

Imperial College London

Perovskite structure nanocrystals for light harvesting and light emission

Richard Friend

University of Cambridge

Fast night vision imaging – enhancing road safety for drivers and pedestrians

Adrian Keating

The University of Western Australia

Continuous Knowledge Acquistion Embedded Devices based on Novel Nanotechnology Synaptic Emulators for Enabling Enhanced Security in Everyday Life Situations

Bernabé Linares Barranco

University of Sevilla

Detection of low concentration hydrogen gas using highly sensitive three-dimensional palladium decorated graphene encapsulated in poly (methyl methacrylate)

Norani Muti Mohamed

Univesiti Teknologi PETRONAS

Ultrafast Nanostructuring of Wide Bandgap SiC for Electronics in Harsh Environments

Jamie Phillips

University of Michigan

Single Electron Manipulation in Silicon Nano-Wire for Quantum Technologies

Shinichi Saito

University of Southampton

Hierarchical fibre reinforced nanocomposites for multifunctional improvements in safety

Milo Shaffer

Imperial College London

Nanoparticle sensor arrays on flexible substrates

Dimitris Tsoukalas

National Technical University of Athens

Nano/Micro- Electro-Mechanical-System self-powered sensors for infrastructure safety monitoring

Jize Yan

University of Southampton


We look forward to welcoming the first ICON Lloyd's Register Foundation Doctoral Students.