Lloyd's Register Foundation launches 100A1 Ambassador programme

As a global charity, the Lloyd's Register Foundation, is committed to enhancing the safety of life and property and advancing public education. Its aim through the ambassador programme is to build an international network of friends, stakeholders and beneficiaries who are willing to promote the mission of the Foundation and its causes. Thirty-five leading figures from academia and industry have so far accepted the Foundation’s invitation to become 100A1 Ambassadors.

The name of the programme reflects the history of the organisation. 100A1 was introduced as the highest classification in 1870, following a revision to Lloyd’s Register’s (LR) Rules and Regulations, which laid down the standards for construction and maintenance of ships. 100A1, as part of the LR class notation, is still used today; 100 signifies the ship is suitable for sea going service, A means the ship is constructed or accepted into LR class and maintained in an efficient condition, 1 means the anchoring and mooring equipment is good and efficient. The Foundation may invite 100A1 Ambassadors to represent it at events such as functions, exhibitions, talks, and visits. Likewise, 100A1 Ambassadors may identify and propose occasions to the Foundation arising from their own network, where they foresee a personal opportunity to represent the Foundation.

Dr Themis Prodromakis, ICON Director, is delighted and honoured to become a Foundation 100A1 Ambassador. He and other ambassadors joined Professor Richard Clegg, Foundation Chief Executive, at a welcome dinner on 25 April. Richard said: “I am honoured to welcome our first pioneering ambassadors all who have committed to the scheme despite their busy schedules. We believe they will extend our global presence and help us become a ‘known Foundation’, be more impactful, and build relationships with potential collaborators, beneficiaries, other institutions, plus wider society and the communities we serve.”

The full press release is available on the Foundation website.