ICON studentships announced

Congratulations to the researchers (listed in alphabetical order) below:


Project Title

Lead Researcher

Lead Institution

Sustainable biotemplated syntheses and characterisation of nanoparticle sodium-ion battery cathode materials

Rebecca Boston

University of Sheffield

Risk assessment in nanotechnology modelling long term fate of nanoparticles in aquatic media

Lorenzo Botto

Queen Mary University of London

Understanding the health limitations for a safe use of graphene and 2D materials

Cyril Bussy

University of Manchester

Towards invisible nanoscale chemical tagging: Fundamental limits and practical applications

Andrew Eckford

York University

Carbon Nanodots (CNDs) devices for detecting toxic metal ions

Xiang Yang Kong

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Nanoengineered smart surfaces

Ioannis Papakonstantinou

University College London

Diamond-based high temperature strain sensors for hostile environments

Haitao Ye

Aston University

Polymer nanocomposite-based radiation shielding material for space applications

John Yeow

University of Waterloo


We look forward to welcoming our new researchers and Lloyd's Register Foundation Doctoral Students to the ICON network.