CoVID19 - Information for ICoN stakeholders

Whilst the ICoN office is now closed, we are all still working hard to engineer a safer world. The health and safety of our ICoN community is very important to us and we wish you well during this difficult time.

We are aware that the current travel and social contact restrictions could have a direct impact on your research and on agreed timetables for project deliverables.  We would urge you to make use of all opportunities to progress your research and develop as a researcher during this time, for example writing papers and reports.  
The challenges differ for various countries and the options for managing the situation could have implications for reporting, deliverables, timescale and resourcing.  We will support you as flexibly as we can via no cost extensions and we are actively working on developing a virtual summer school.  In the meantime, we encourage you to reach out, engage and support each other.