CATEGORY : Sensors

How porous silicon thermal cameras could enhance road safety at night
AUTHOR : Yaman Alfandi

How nanoparticle strain sensors could safely detect tiny cracks in large structures

How a nanowired temperature sensor could keep overheated devices cool
AUTHOR : Ali Hamid

Mobile phones and computers can overheat when they are used for a long time or when heavy­ duty software is running. Frequent heating of these devices may reduce their performance or life span - but a nanowire based device could significantly mitigate this issue. 

How optical sensors could quickly detect infrastructures at risk of collapse
AUTHOR : Peng Adam Li

Peng Adam Li describes his research which aims to demonstrate why fast, responsive, lightweight and small optical sensors are ideal for monitoring large structures in challenging environments.

Graphene’s potential propels forward magnetic imagers
AUTHOR : David Collomb

As humans we have greatly benefited from our five natural senses, which have supported us in overcoming major barriers pertaining to our survival in the past from lighting our first fires to navigating vast expanses such as the oceans and deserts. However, as our needs and wants expanded we have lacked further senses such as a magnetic sense to satiate our exploratory nature.