1 day: First ICON Conference

The conference, hosted by Dr Themis Prodromakis (ICON Project Director), provided an opportunity for the ICON network to come together to consider the grand challenges in nanotechnology. 

Speakers included Dr Jan Przydatek (Assistant Director of Programmes, Lloyd's Register Foundation), Professor Vladimir Falko (Research Director of the National Graphene Institute), Dr Giacomo Prando (Associate Editor Nature Nano), Dr Ivy Fang (Lloyd's Register Group), Dr Steve Hankin (IOM), Professor Norani Mohamed (Universiti Tecknologi PETRONAS), Professor Jamie Phillips (University of Michigan), Laura Vivar (NSIRC) and Dr Rebecca Boston (Royal Academy and Lloyd's Register Foundation Fellow) as well as the students themselves.




More Workshops
1-day event: ICON conference 2018

The ICON Conference 2018 featured an interactive session led by Andrew Halfacre, a tour of Foundation offices and inspiring talks by Dr Andrew Hopkins (ARM), Professor Sir Richard Friend (University of Cambridge) and Dr Maria Maragkou (Nature Materials).

2 day: Lloyd's Register Foundation International Conference 2018

The Lloyd’s Register Foundation International Conference, was held on 9th & 10th May 2018 at the IET London, Savoy Place.

2 days: Lloyd's Register Foundation International Conference 2016

The Lloyd’s Register Foundation flagship International Conference is a two day event that will bring together our grant holders, public, academia and industry. The conference will feature keynote speakers, presentations and early career 'master classes' spanning all areas of our grants funding. There will also be a presentation session for students. The conference will be held on 13 and 14 October 2016 at the IET London, Savoy Place.

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