T. Prodromakis and A. Westley
ICoN Annual Review 2019

ICON has evolved into a truly unique international programme, spearheaded by our PhD students distributed across global institutions. We are immensely proud of all of our students that excel in their research and are recognised by awards, impactful publications and engagements with world-leading industry and societies – as highlighted here. Our commitment for enhancing their skills and experiences was reinforced through our Distinguished Lecture series, given this year by Dr Shaun Fitzgerald, Director of the Royal Institution, focussing on public engagement with science. Building on our previous successes with Nanotechnology outreach, we continued to develop our 'Introducing the Nanoworld' experience. And last but not least, we are particularly thankful to Professor Koh and colleagues, for so graciously hosting our summer school at the Lloyd's Register Foundation Institute for the Public Understanding of Risk.

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