T. Schoetz, C. Ponce de Leon, A. Bund, M. Ueda
Electro-polymerisation and characterisation of PEDOT in Lewis basic, neutral and acidic EMImCl-AlCl3 ionic liquid

PEDOT films synthesised in Lewis neutral ionic liquid were tested in monomer-free Lewis acidic, basic and neutral EMImCl-AlCl3 and show different doping and de-doping behavior for chloride ionic species. The PEDOT films in a Lewis neutral composition showed higher doping levels due to the higher potential stability window, up to 2.6 V vs. Al|Al(III) than in a Lewis acidic and basic solutions. Furthermore, it was shown that the doping and de-doping levels are predefined during the electro-polymerisation of PEDOT. The anion doping and de-doping reaction reached 97% reversibility in the neutral composition, which suggests that PEDOT is a suitable electrode material to store charged species in this media and could be used in rechargeable energy storage devices.

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