Managing an award

If you have been successful with your application and offered and award, congratulations!    

You will be required to meet the following expectations:

  • Provide evidence of matched funds via letters of intent from the host Institutions and Industrial Partners involved, prior to formal acceptance being granted
  • Sign a subcontract and complete a New Supplier Set Up Form.
  • Recruit a student with relevant background within one year of the award announcement
  • Ensure that the student refers to themselves as a ‘Lloyd’s Register Foundation Doctoral Student’
  • Ensure that the student attends summer schools and workshops
  • Ensure that the student has regular face to face coaching and support meetings within their institution
  • Provide evidence that the student has received appropriate training in relation to compliance with all statutory health and safety requirements and ethical standards which may apply in their institution 
  • Facilitate the student’s mentoring by the LR Group  (when appropriate)
  • Complete and return the annual report by the stated deadline.

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