Perovskites: The Emergence of a New Era for light harvesting and light emission

Sunlight is arguably the most abundant clean source of energy that is capable of enabling “indefinite” and sustainable economic growth, with minimum detrimental impact on the environment. Crystalline silicon solar cells have been continuously advancing in efficiency and reducing in cost of fabrication over the last 40 years, and in some locations in the world at the current prices, they are capable of producing electricity from sunlight at a comparable cost to the price of electricity generated from fossil fuels.

Energy storage and sustainability
AUTHOR : Theresa Schoetz

The development and implementation of renewable energies generated by wind, solar or tidal powers are increasing and set an important milestone for the change towards a sustainable energy society. However, the revolution of the energy landscape is only possible with the implementation of stationary and mobile energy storage technologies able to balance energy fluctuations or use on demand.

Memristor based Event driven Neuromorphic Nano-CMOS processor
AUTHOR : Charanraj Mohan

The evolution of transistors from vacuum tubes during the mid 1940s opened a new era of ‘semiconductor devices-&-circuits’, which made our lives today easy, comfort & safe with ample of applications. Scaling up the number of transistors on a single micro-chip for various applications kept man curious to hunt for new materials, circuit topologies and technologies.